Furnitubes has launched a new range of wall-top seating. Low level retaining walls are increasingly popular features in new landscape schemes, serving to deal with level changes across a site and often as containment for raised planting beds or grassed areas.

When designed at a suitable height, walls can also act as informal seating provision, but the hard surface of masonry isn’t particularly comfortable, can often be too cold to sit on and generally doesn’t encourage visitors to stay for long.

The addition of a timber-topped seating platform onto a wall overcomes this problem, providing compact and visually tidy seating solutions on top of existing site features. Wall-top seating is also generally more cost effective compared with independent seats that require a suitable base for bolting down to or excavation for an in-ground fixing. Furnitubes offers 4 ranges of wall-top seating products, each with its own distinct character and designed to suit a range of budgets.

Lapa Wall-top
The simplest and most economic of our wall-top seats, Lapa is offered as a narrow width bench and a wider version with the option of an add-on backrest.


Fortis Wall-top

Fortis offers multiple timber slat configurations to allow you to choose the most visually suitable solution for your site. With or without back and / or armrests and in 2 standard lengths, Fortis is suitable for straight line walls and allows adjacent modules to be directly abutted to form continuous long runs of seating provision.



Alta Wall-top
Available in a number of different sizes and forms, including flat bench platforms, platforms with back-stops, and full height and enclosed backrests, Alta is a versatile, contemporary wall-top seating system.



Contor Wall-top
Characterised by front-to-back slat arrangements, the Contor range offers simple bench-only straight platforms as standard, with curved versions made to order to suit site-specific dimensions