At Wynngate Client, we have extensive experience when it comes to reimagining the modern living room. We have transformed homes in Surrey, London, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex, creating stunning, timeless spaces. There are a range of modern design considerations that elevate these spaces, which leaves our clients with a great deal to consider. We’re here to share a few ideas if you find yourself in need of inspiration.

The Modern Living Room – Where Elegance Meets Innovation

At Wynngate Client, every project begins with a blank canvas and countless factors to consider. A modern living room serves as the heart of a home, where comfort and style work together seamlessly, setting the stage for gatherings and relaxation alike.

In these spaces, technology isn’t just a convenience – it’s integral, especially as the market for smart home devices grows. Wynngate recognises the importance of integrating state-of-the-art technology with the design narrative. We can create living rooms that incorporate lighting, sound and climate control tailored to your mood. With discreet installations and intuitive controls, technology can be easily concealed and integrated into your living room design. This ensures that your living space not only exudes comfort but also seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle, enhancing your overall experience.

Elevating Aesthetics and Ambience

When contemplating a modern living room, materials, such as marble, brushed metal and rich wood are vital components. Wynngate believes that lighting can be extremely underestimated, whether it’s indirect or reflected, task or ambient. Lighting is a key element to a successful interior design, along with key pieces such as a marble fireplace surround, which provides a stunning contrast between flickering flames and the marble’s surface. Combine this with carefully chosen textiles and furnishings to create a tactile experience that complements the aesthetics of your space.

Wynngate’s design philosophy often embraces spacious layouts that encourage interaction while maintaining privacy. Open-plan living rooms are ideal in homes that use natural light as this establishes an inviting space that provides comfort. Large windows and doors can add to this effect, creating a connection to the outdoors. We love to create seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Expansive glass panels and carefully positioned doors serve to erase boundaries. This deliberate design choice not only floods interiors with natural light but also provides uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.

Choose Wynngate Client For Your Next Project

Our team is adept at actualising our clients’ ideas and our expertise lies in creating spaces where functionality seamlessly integrates with aesthetics. You can browse our previous projects here.

With an innate understanding of the processes involved in the extensive journey to improving our clients’ homes, we are able to create awe-inspiring spaces that redefine the essence of contemporary living. If you long for a modern living room that’s both innovative and elegant, Wynngate Client can certainly help.

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