In the modern world we live in, everything around us is becoming increasingly more technological and we’re relying more and more on technology all the time. This is true even in our homes, where technology is becoming more commonplace in all aspects. These home technology devices and systems can be used to make life easier and tasks quicker.

We’re believers that in the future, homes will be designed and built with some of these pieces of tech as standard. So what are the most common pieces of home technology around right now?

Heating and lighting systems

Home heating and lighting systems that can be controlled by an app on your phone or tablet are one of the most common home technology advances. Turn the lights on or off, increase your heating temperature or boost your hot water tank, all with the touch of a button and without having to even be home to do so. Everything is simple and easy with these systems.

Interactive doorbells

Interactive doorbells that connect to your home wifi system and alert your phone or tablet when someone is at the door are incredibly popular. You can speak through them to let the delivery man at the door know where to leave your package, or see who’s there and choose whether to answer the door or not. Very clever.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Is there anyone out there who truly enjoys vacuuming? Nope, we didn’t think so. So why not buy a robot that’ll automatically do it for you? You can set them up to vacuum as frequently as you wish (like each day when you’re out at work) and they can be used on hard floors and carpets. Some even have the ability to automatically empty themselves once they’re full. Amazing!

Voice activated devices

I’m sure everyone out there has heard of the voice activated devices that are out there on the market these days. Amazon, Apple and Google are the three most popular players for users.

Devices can be asked simple things like ‘what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?’, ‘add sugar to my shopping list’ and ‘play 90s hit songs’. But, they can also do some more complicated and impressive things too. Take the Apple device for example; you can buy an add on connector for your outdoor hose that’ll water your garden automatically when required without you having to lift a finger. It even monitors how much water it’s used too.