At Wynngate, homes are our passion. Whether it’s bespoke home design, land acquirement or the development of various sites, we are here for you. Our business is divided into two entities that work to fulfil the needs of each of our audiences: Wynngate Client and Wynngate Ltd.

Whilst Wynngate Client takes care of the bespoke design and construction of luxury homes straight to our customers in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and the Berkshire areas, Wynngate Ltd sources and acquires development sites for commercial and residential properties in the same locations. Let’s dive further into the separate parts of our business so you can see which company will suit your property needs best.

Wynngate Client Vs Wynngate Ltd.

Wynngate Client

At the core of Wynngate Client lies the fusion of two established companies, Wynngate London and Crouch Design. Together, they bring an unrivalled skill set acquired through home design and constructing luxury homes for the open market along with a wealth of knowledge in high-end internal fit-outs primarily across exclusive addresses in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Berkshire and other sought-after areas.

Wynngate Client distinguishes itself by offering a bespoke service tailored to the needs of each client. This collaborative approach allows clients to work closely with the professional team at Wynngate Client, ensuring consistency and alignment with their vision at every stage of the project, from initial home design to the finest of details. With a focus on delivering exceptional results, Wynngate Client’s personalised service ensures that each client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Wynngate Ltd.

Distinct from Wynngate Client, Wynngate Ltd. is a development company that focuses on acquiring sites and creating exceptional residential and commercial properties. Their passion lies in crafting stunning properties in prime locations, allowing landowners, joint venture partners and investors to maximise their assets. The expertise of Wynngate Ltd. becomes evident as they guide parties through the complex process of appraisal, acquisition and permissions. Once planning permission is obtained or developments have been completed, Wynngate Ltd. ensures that the full value of the site is realised. Since 2012, they have been designing and developing inspiring properties in both the commercial and residential sectors, with an emphasis on worldwide sustainability. Their team of professionals ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and modern design are met with every project.

Whether You Need Home Design Or Are Looking For A Development Partnership – Look No Further

Wynngate Client and Wynngate Ltd. are interconnected entities within the home design and building industry. Wynngate Client delivers outstanding design and renovation solutions, while Wynngate Ltd. focuses on acquiring development sites and creating outstanding luxury properties. Both entities demonstrate a commitment to craftsmanship, cutting-edge design and client satisfaction. Whether it’s through tailored services or the maximisation of assets, Wynngate’s reputation for excellence always shines through. By understanding the distinctions between Wynngate Client and Wynngate Ltd., clients can make informed decisions based on their unique requirements and aspirations.

For more information or to get in touch, visit our websites – Wynngate Ltd. or Wynngate Client.